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Partner Together in the Journey

Missional Living Involves Missional Giving

As a full-time Field Staff with Freedom in Christ, my family lives on missional support. This means that my “salary” comes from funds that are personally raised from donors willing to support the work the Lord has called me to. In the very simplest of terms, I only have to come in what others choose to give.

I can attest to this, in itself, being an uncomfortable and constantly stretching faith journey as we seek the Lord to meet every need. Thankfully, we have found Him to be so incredibly Faithful and Generous to us through our donors.


My job, when it comes to raising support, is to simply invite people to pray and ask the Lord if He wants them to partner with us financially. This means I am free from employing any less than fruitful tactics like begging, guilting, manipulating, or cajoling people to give. The Lord will move on the hearts of those He has brought to the team with us.


It is also my responsibility to do everything possible to provide people who want to give with a trustworthy place to sow their kingdom investment. I want those who financially partner with us to believe that their money is being put to good use.

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We ask you would also pray and see if the Lord encourages you to partner with us, so that we can continue to passionately pursue the work of discipleship He has called us to.

Recurring Donation

The majority of our donors give recurring monthly gifts. This affords our family a monthly income and covers the expenses resulting from ministry.

The discipleship that we provide comes at no cost to those we are working with. Donors give so that others can receive the Gospel at no cost.

One-Time Donation

One Time and Project Specific giving affords us an added income boost in order to walk out certain yes-es to the Lord. We so appreciate how the Lord leads people to give towards specific projects that they are passionate about. We welcome any and all love gifts that the Lord encourages you to give.

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